MultiView Display. View multiple calculations at
  the same time, plus math expressions and
  symbols in standard mathematical notation.
• MultiView Calculations. Enter more than one
  calculation, compare results and explore patterns,
  all on the same screen. View fraction computations
  in familiar textbook format.
• Toggle Key. Quickly view fractions and decimals
  in alternate forms. "Toggle" the answers with one
  button to see outcomes in different representations.
• Scrolling & Editing. Scroll through entries and
  investigate critical patterns.
• Standard Mathematical Notation. Expressions in
  the Multiview Display appear exactly as in
• Scientific Notation Input. The new"x10n" feature
  replaces the EE feature on current models.
• Scientific Notation Output. View scientific notation
  with the proper superscripted exponents and see
  the output in scientific notation.
• Menus. Easy to read and navigate menus similar
  to those on a graphing calculator.
• Data/List Editor. New Conversions in Lists feature
  with the Data/List Editor helps students
  compare data.

The new TI-34 Multiview™ calculator is designed
  specifically for middle grades math:
• In response to educator feedback, the square
  root key is more accessible for performing key
  calculations quickly.
• Ideal for Middle Grades Math, Pre-Algebra,
  Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, General Science &

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TI-34 MV Overhead Calculator

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