Teach Timer II Self Projection

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Teach Timer II Self Projection
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TeachTimer II
The NEW Time Management Tool
The Time Management Tool
Same great features of our current TeachTimer!

• Projects large numbers for easy classroom viewing.
• Counts up to or down from zero.
• Timingcounts can be paused or repeated easily.
• Audible signal gives pre-warning before end of
  timing count.
• In chronograph mode, read elapsed time while
  timer keeps running.
• Clock mode gives choice of 12 or 24-hour format
  turned off.
• Battery-saver feature lets clock run while display
  is turned off.
• One-year warranty
• Can be placed in stand-up position on desktop for
  individual or small group use
• One-year warranty

• Self-contained projection...
  NO overhead projector needed.

• QK-SET key to quickly set timer to 5, 10, 15,
  etc. minutes
• RANDOM NUMBER generator mode; selects
  numbers from 2-150
• AUTO-REPEAT option to start next timing
  session immediately using same set time.• R
• REMINDER setting to remind students at
  one-minute intervals as time elapses.
• Powered by AC/DC Adapter or
  batteries (both included