Casio FX-300ES Plus Teacher Kit

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Each Teacher Kit contains 10 calculators with a storage bag.


  • Natural Textbook Display
    • Improved fictionality now allows for work with repeating decimals in addition to appropriate fraction and radical calculations
  • Prime Factorization
    • Transforms displayed values into it’s prime factors
  • Enhanced Probability Function
    • Allows for enhanced exploration of random numbers, random integers, combinations, permutations, and factorials
  • Two-Table Display
    • Helps compare the behavior of two-functions and exploration of independent and dependent variables
  • Greatest Common Divisor/Least Common Multiple
    • Helps develop number sense critical to common fraction manipulation used throughout middle grades
  • Solar Plus with battery backup

Suggested Courses include: General Math, Statistics, Pre-Algebra, Science, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics.